Make one last memory before you leave Japan at this cherry-blossom festival near Kansai International Airport!

Enjoy the festival's cherry blossoms and local specialities from special box seats

1. When the regular festival comes to a close, special box seats will be set up to allow participants to enjoy gourmet cuisine beneath the cherry blossoms. The meal includes Naniwa wagyu beef, which was served at the 2019 G20 Osaka Summit, and sake from Naniwa Sake Brewery, the oldest brewery in Osaka.
2. In addition, there will be 10 days worth of other food-focused events that showcase the delicacies of Hannan. Enjoy the cherry blossoms with light snacks on a special eat-while-you-walk tour.
3. A nighttime event at Jifukuji Temple with a special light display that artfully illuminates the temple's large weeping cherry tree. Complete with reserved seating and a sake tasting held by Naniwa Sake Brewery.


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Yamanakadani, Hannan, Osaka Prefecture

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