Experience Edo period culture with nighttime cherry blossom viewing at Kinugawa Onsen

Enjoy illuminated cherry blossoms and Nikko's Edo Wonderland—at night!

Nighttime cherry blossom viewing and hot spring banquets are a long-cherished pastime in Japan. Experience what life was like for the townspeople of Edo at Kinugawa Onsen's ""Kinugawa Kaleidoscope"" nighttime cherry blossom light display, or put yourself in the shoes of an upper-class samurai during Edo Wonderland's special nighttime hours.

Special seating will be arranged for the nighttime cherry blossom light display. Participants will also get the chance to carry a portable mikoshi shrine and play traditional hayashi music. At Edo Wonderland, participants can take a special ride on a yakatabune, a traditional Japanese pleasure boat used for dinner parties.

Shuttle buses and taxis run between the hotel, Kinugawa Onsen, and Edo Wonderland, so feel free to sit back and enjoy each event at your own leisure! Local sake will be provided at the banquet.



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Kinugawa Onsen Shrine and Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura

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