Enjoy the cherry blossoms on a special nighttime cruise featuring two of Yokohama's cultural attractions: Yokohama Geisha and yakatabune boats

In Japan, there is a tradition of enjoying unique seasonal sights and sounds: cherry blossoms in spring, fireworks and cicadas in summer, colored leaves and the harvest moon in autumn, and snow in winter.
On this special tour, you will ride a traditional yakatabune boat with Yokohama Geisha to enjoy Yokohama’s spring pastime of viewing cherry blossoms at night.
The Ōoka River is one of the most popular cherry blossom viewing spots in Yokohama, and is the perfect place for a cruise. In addition to the trees in full bloom, you can enjoy petals floating on the water’s surface and dancing in the wind like a snowstorm.
The cherry blossoms are not the only riverside sight. The nighttime view of the modern port city of Yokohama is bound to impress with its giant Ferris wheel, Marine Tower, Yokohama Landmark Tower, and other Minato Mirai waterfront structures.
The cruise will serve a unique blend of Japanese and Western cuisine that is befitting of Japan's first modern international trading port. The fresh seafood is sourced from Yokohama and other nearby fishing ports. Local alcoholic beverages such as Yokohama beer and wine will also be served.
Since the opening of Yokohama’s port, the Yokohama Geisha have served foreign guests and developed skills in foreign languages, Western dinner etiquette, and playing Western instruments such as flute and piano. They respect traditional culture but are not bound by it, thereby offering a unique blend of stylish Japanese and Western hospitality in this dinner party on a yakatabune boat.

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Minatomirai, Ōoka River

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