UBE Biennale: Sculpting a legacy of art and community


Finally, Ube in Yamaguchi Prefecture has the honor of being the first city in Japan to hold a large-scale outdoor sculpture exhibition. Started in 1961 as a citizen-led project to beautify the town with greenery and public art, the Ube City Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition has been held every two years since and eventually evolved into the UBE Biennale. The city has amassed a collection of roughly 400 pieces, which remain on display in Ube’s plazas, public facilities and airport.

Perhaps the most scenic location of all is lakeside Tokiwa Park, where several of the largest and most noteworthy installations are on permanent display. This is also the customary viewing venue for new award-winning sculptures. With the festival’s upcoming 30th iteration scheduled for October 27 to December 22, 2024, visitors taking a stroll around Tokiwa then won’t just be going for a walk in the park, but a walk through 60-plus years of contemporary sculpture on vibrant display.

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