Ascetic Training Programs at World Heritage Site Koyasan

Experience the rich cultural and spiritual traditions that have been preserved for over 1,200 years at the World Heritage Site of Koyasan

1. Goma Fire Prayer Ritual  
  Offer your prayers to the sacred flame and get a feel for how such prayers have been carried on through the generations at the temples of Koyasan.
2. Acts of Service 
  Commit yourself to acts of service and cleanse the mind as you get up close with the Buddha statues in some of the Main Halls of Koyasan's temples, including Bekkaku Honzan, Jun-Bekkaku Honzan, or temples with long-standing connections to daimyo and warlords.
3. Furumaizen Cuisine Experience
  Furumaizen is a traditional cuisine prepared especially for the high priests by the priests of Koyasan, and it is said to be the origin of Japanese hospitality.
  The average visitor does not usually get the opportunity to try these dishes prepared by priests, for priests, but this memorable dinner experience offers illuminating insights and explanations into the meticulous preparation process.  
● Participants will be granted special permission to view the main hall of temples where entry is usually prohibited. (permission only granted when accompanied by temple staff)


Location Name

1, 3, and ●: Koyasan Komyoin 2, 3, and ●: Rengejo-in or Sainan-in

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