Experience shukubo, a temple stay, on the holy mountain site


One of the best ways to experience the true magic of Koyasan is to stay overnight at a temple. Known as a shukubo, a temple stay at Koyasan gives visitors the opportunity to relax, reflect and immerse themselves in the traditional practices of Shingon Buddhism.

Discover the day-to-day lives of Koyasan’s monks in one of 50 temples that offer the shukubo experience. With breakfast, dinner and comfortable overnight lodgings available, you can truly immerse yourself in this enriching cultural experience. Taste the traditional vegetarian dishes prepared by the monks and join them for morning prayers and meditation.

Clean and simple furnishings, including traditional tatami floors and sliding doors (fusuma) typify the temple lodgings at Koyasan and reflect the abundant peace and tranquility that define these sacred spaces. It’s important to remember, though, that rooms and meals vary depending on the temple. For further information, you can refer to our guide on temple stays.

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