Echigo's Three Great Fireworks Festivals & Premium Niigata Dining Experience

Special fireworks viewing packages with VIP seats, award-winning chefs, and premium dining options

This tour offers three special travel experiences. The first offers a private, dedicated viewing area for spectators to watch Echigo's three great fireworks displays by the sea, mountains, and river. The second offers dining packages at temples and other historical buildings, which are produced in collaboration between local and international award-winning chefs. The third is the option to add another special experience to go along with your tour.

The aim of this tour is to provide guests with a memorable, behind-the-scenes look at Japanese cultural traditions and cuisine.

[Special Fireworks Viewing]
- July 26 (Fri.): Japan's most beautiful fireworks display over the sea|Gion Kashiwazaki Festival Sea Fireworks 
- August 2 (Fri.), August 3 (Sat.): River fireworks|The Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Show
- September 13 (Fri.), September 14 (Sat.): Mountain fireworks and "yonshakudama," the world's largest firework|Katakai Fireworks Festival, Asahara Shrine Autumn Festival Dedication Fireworks

[Premium Dining]
- July 26 (Fri.): Restaurant Seroja (#31/Asian's 50 Best Restaurants) Chef Kevin Wong at Important cultural property old Hasegawa family housing
- August 1 (Thu.): South Korea's Top Chef Jeong Kwan at Chofukuji Temple (est. 1502)
- September 12 (Thu.): European Chef (TBC) at Historic Iizuka-tei Garden, Shukoen


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Venues: Chofukuji Temple, Iizuka-tei Garden, Katakai Festival Asahara Shrine Autumn Festival Dedication Fireworks / Gion Kashiwazaki Festival Sea Fireworks / Nagaoka Festival Grand Fireworks Show (Right Riverbank)

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